Remember a while back when I asked if #YonduOnTerra could be my new #StorminNorman? Well, I took one giant leap towards legitimizing it. I made a new blog.

Say hello to Yondu On Terra, a site dedicated to my Yondu Udonta Funko Pint Size Heroes (PSH) toy photography. Occasionally, other toys may make appearances but only if Yondu invites them and they play second fiddle to him. He's demanding like that. 

As for the blog itself, it's responsive and simple and automatically updated thanks to an IFTTT recipe I cooked up myself. I don't have to do a thing. Just keep posting photos to Instagram using the #yonduonterra hashtag and it will cross post to the blog. The recipe even removes the hashtag so you never have to see it repeated.

But I truly love the banner I created...


That's actor Michael Rooker as Yondu from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies on the left, my Yondu PSH on the right, and Yondu's Yaka arrow connecting them. In the background are some screened-back images of Yondu from comic books.

What's cooler is that I made this using Preview on MacOS. I had no idea there were photo editing features in Preview. They're incredibly simplistic but I don't have the Adobe Creative Cloud anymore, so no more Photoshop. And I couldn't get GIMP or any free photo editor loaded on my MBP. As it's not really my computer, I'd rather not risk unsanctioned software downloads  

But this works. I like it. 

If you ever need to find Yondu on Terra, just look in the right side bar of this blog under "Other Sites." There you will find the link o' goodness. Enjoy. 

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