I’m tired. 

I’m horrified and sickened about Las Vegas.


I feel horribly for the citizens of Puerto Rico and Florida and (still) Houston. 

I’m disgusted by politics.

I’m sad about Tom Petty. 

Can I just give you my daily photo challenge and go to bed?

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Oct 3
I started work an hour early this morning. I will be at work for two extra hours tonight. At my previous jobs, I would have griped and moaned about it. It's amazing the difference in your emotional outlook when you...
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Oct 5
Remember oh-so-many years ago when Oprah Winfrey stood behind Book-of-the-Month-Club awardee James Frey when his book A Million Little Pieces was proven to not be as non-fiction as originally purported? She brought him on her show, reputedly, to tell his...


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Suzanne Apgar

It sickens me as well. What is wrong with a nation that has so much to offer, that someone randomly snuffs out lives? I am scared to death for Nate, Zoey, and Emma.


Me, too. Terrified for them.


I totally know what you mean. :(



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