We took part in our next door neighbors’ annual Soup Off Challenge today. It was our first time participating and also the first time we really hung out with our neighbors. It was a lot of fun.

It certainly seems that Nathan agrees. 


Unfortunately, Katie did not win with her Chicken Tortilla Soup but it was damn good.

Oh well.

Here’s day 6 of my photo challenge. Kind of a cool skewed view that makes it look like there’s a lot of something hiding in that “box.”

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Oct 6
I hate when I feel like I’m the last person to find out about something. This happened to me yesterday when a co-worker introduced me to a new functionality within Gmail. Not so bad at first. Then I looked up...
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Oct 8
Oh, Amazon, you devious little bastages! First, it was One-Click Ordering where you only needed to click a single button to begin the ordering process. Sure there were still a couple steps after that, but it was still pretty simple...


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