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I need to apologize to my readers out there. I realize there are some issues with how my blog renders when you check it out. Trust me, I do. Whether that is when you actually visit my blog in your browser (hopefully very few issues with this), or in your feed aggregator/reader like Feedly or The Old Reader (more common), or in emailed notifications (do any of you actually do this?).

Whatever the case, I’m sorry. 

Most of the issues have to do with images on my blog. Sometimes people can see my Instagram embeds, sometimes they can’t. Sometimes an image is unbearably huge, sometimes it’s not. 

I think I can get around the Instagram issue by not using it and just natively importing images at all times. But importing can sometimes take minutes for each photo. Plus there’s this strange glitch with the editor where it re-orients (turns) a photo that was correctly oriented from the start. But I don’t see this turn in preview; only after I spend the time importing it. So then I have to edit it to “correct” it and re-import. Instagram was nice because it avoided that issue. And the old time was next to nothing because the photo already existed on the web  

But if IG won’t show all the time in readers, I’ll try not to use it. 

I will also try to be more obvious in my text that I have placed an image so that if you don’t see something, you know that there is an image. But I’d also like to point out that for the last two years, 100% of my posts have had something in them, be it a native image, an Instagram embed, or a YouTube embed. If you don’t see it in your feed reader, please just click through. I don’t have ads on my site, so your clicks don’t provide me any financial gain. They just give you, my reader, the full experience.

I will try to say, for example, that there is an awesome photo of Nathan right here!


...And hope you see it.

As for the oversized images, that, I believe, has to do with the responsive design. Typepad suggests uploading as large an image as possible and making sure that it is on its own line in a post instead of having text wrap around it. This allows the image to be rendered properly and cleanly within the responsive framework no matter the screen size on which it’s displayed. But something tells me that some feed readers are taking the actual image dimensions and rendering them in their display instead of just going 100% of screen size. 

I can try to resize a bit and see if that helps.

No, I’m not going to use this as an excuse to leave Typepad for Wordpress. I just don’t have the time to deal with patches and updates not scouring forums for help. 

Typepad’s helpdesk is good. They help me with big issues pretty readily. But they’re understandably hesitant to try to fix something that is only being reported by a single user when the solution could have detrimental effects on larger numbers. That and I think their employee count has waned in recent years because nobody wants to pay for a blog. So my smaller requests tend to be backburnered. Oh well. 

I am, for the most part, very happy with Typepad and the way my blog looks and works. 

I hope you are, too. 


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Kazza the Blank One

If it's just me having the issue with Instagram embeds then leave them as they are and I'll just follow you on Instagram and be done with it :)


It was more an experiment with a new feature than anything else. I’ll use them as a last resort when image uploads are too painful to bear. Only then I’ll use IG.

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