I like to think that, at birth, we are all the same mentally and emotionally. We come from our mothers as blank slates full of a desire to learn, to glean, to improve on our station in life insofar as a child is apt. 

What I’m saying is I believe all people — regardless of race, culture, religion, socioeconomic station, sexual persuasion, gender identity, etc. — are good

So what the hell has to change, what has to snap, in a person’s psyche to make them commit acts of terror and think that it is actually the right thing to do?


Seriously... WTF??

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Suzanne Apgar

Our parents used to worry about the kind of world they were leaving us, but this is something entirely different and extremely frightening! I don't know how we can go about correcting the wrongs, but we have to do something or else all-out chaos will ensue!!


It’s horrifying.

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