Hawkins Haikus...

As I have nothing else to write about and am still in the midst of watching Stranger Things 2 (I’m on episode 6), how about some Hawkins Haikus, inspired by our favorite Indiana horror trope?

As a note, there may be some spoilers. Oh hell, just assume there are. 

Could Steve Harrington
Really be Daddy dearest 
to Jean-Ralphio?

Dustin and Lucas
both like the same Cali girl.
She just wants Dig Dug.

It’s hard to believe
that muddy cop uniform
disguises Hellboy.

Where is Eleven?
Once the star of this hit show
she’s lost in shadows.

[ed. note: I wrote this one before episode 7, which was all Eleven]

What’s with the road trips?
For a show set in Hawkins
It’s always elsewhere.

First the aliens.
Next are the Demogorgons.
Paul Reiser is cursed.


That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed.