Holiday Snippets...

How about some Holiday Snippets to herald in your Thanksgiving?


I just want to say that, yes, we finally got rid of our jack o’ lantern. He fought a good fight.


In the end, he looked more like the toothless old perverted dude from Family Guy.



Speaking of holidays, we decided to try to do a sort of Elf on a Shelf with Nathan this year. Honestly, though, I’m creeped out by that nasty little elf. 


I decided to let Nathan pick if he’d prefer that or this much more awesome choice... Buddy from Elf!!


He chose the creep. No, not Will Ferrell. 


Speaking of creep, check out this life-size Santa from Michael’s craft store.




I think it's time for bed. Need to build up my energy for digestion.

Heh heh heh.

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