Pocket Snippets...

Pocket Snippets? What? Who? I've never heard of such a thing!

Pocket is an app I've been using for years to store articles I see online for reading later on when I have more time. The app also stores them for offline reading if you don't have a connection. It's a great app because it also has a button in the Share menu on my iPhone as well as a Chrome Extension for use anytime I visit a site and want to save it but that doesn't warrant a bookmark.

So, yes, I'm a fan.

The only problem is that I sometimes let my backlog of articles get so long that I just cruise through and kill a bunch without truly reading. That's what is going to happen here today. I've got a bunch I may peruse lightly but then otherwise share with you all. 


This was always a fear of mine anytime I use a toilet anywhere. It seemed rather irrational but, after reading this, I AM NEVER GOING TO BANGKOK!


On the topic of unique visitors, check out what astronomers in Hawaii found traversing our outer spaces.


It looks like a ship from Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. I, for one, welcome our new driftwood overlords.


Sorry, Armie, I just don't see it happening for you, either. You come off as nothing more than a smarm factory. You have yet to sell me on a single role of yours. 

This is a long freakin' article. Settle in.


How about some justice for the fans and D.C. Comics just give up on filmmaking entirely (save Wonder Woman)? Just take a decade off, regroup, wait for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to lose steam, and then come back strong. If the string of failwhales they've had lately are any indication, that's their only option.


Speaking of Marvel, this article is a fantastic love letter to Kevin Feige, the man behind the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it also talks about what may have to happen as the long-term contract actors start to leave the universe.


He Got Game... without question. Jake Shuttlesworth is it.


To end on a lighter note, these are some damn funny tweets. Enjoy!


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Damn near perfection. 14-year-old Balvenie Caribbean Cask single malt scotch whisky. If you’re ever presented the opportunity, I strongly encourage you to take it.


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Kevin Spencer

I’ve heard of Pocket but never taken the plunge. Sounds like an app Instapaper I used to use a couple years back. I’d suffer the same problem, I’d mean well and really want to read those articles later. But later could mean weeks, and then it’s “you have 387 unread articles”. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Mark all as read. There, problem solved.


It’s exactly like Instapaper. In fact, I tried Instapaper years ago but opted instead to use Read It Later. RIL became Pocket in 2013 or 14.

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