Hawkins Haikus...


A coworker shared this with me today. Immediately after seeing it, I said, “That would be so awesome if it were real!” His response? “It IS real!!”

What’s real, you may be asking?

Deadpool adorning a limited edition holiday run of Good Housekeeping magazine!!


How freaking cool that GH was on board for such an, er, off-kilter holiday issue!

“Come for the gifts, stay for the package”?

“‘Tis the season to put the ‘fun’ back in dysfunctional”?

“Turkey Tips: Giving your family the bird”?

“You’ll go crazy for D’s nuts”?

This is grade A dick-and-fart humor on the cover of what was the quintessential mom magazine for decades. 



And this despite the fact I have always hated Deadpool. Until, that is, Ryan Reynolds injected the character with his irresistible smarmy charm. There is no way to not see Deadpool as anything other than Van Wilder or Dr. Peter Bergen in black and red leather with katanas and pistols and a deathwish.

Now I just need to get my hands on a copy.