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During my sophomore year of high school in 1990-91, I was very impressionable with regard to music. I had my favorites, don’t get me wrong, but it was a time of great discovery for me. Everywhere I looked, there was rock, metal, grunge, alternative, electronic, funk, synth-pop, rap, blues, Motown... I listened to it all. 

But not right away.

This was a process and it started with me needing to break the chains of hard rock and heavy metal that weighed me down. 

There was a girl in my driver’s ed class who one day wore a t-shirt with what looked like flaming pies dropping over a very hellish background and the words “Faith No More” and “The Real Thing” emblazoned across it. 


I had enough familiarity with the name to know it was a band but had never heard any songs. So I went to a local record store that allowed visitors to listen before they buy and I did just that. 

The first song I heard was “Falling to Pieces” and I was hooked. With lyrics about seeking the middle ground between life’s highs and lows and breaking through walls to find you, it just spoke to me. 

I bought it immediately and it has never left my collection in more than a quarter century. 

And that video! Man, that video was always something to behold. 

So, yeah, “Falling to Pieces”... My Favorite Song. 


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Marty Mankins

Awesome choice for your favorite FNM song. I played "The Real Thing" to death on cassette before eventually getting it on CD.


It was actually one of my earliest CD purchases after The Black Crowes and some Van Halen and AC/DC.

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