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I have to admit that a lot has happened with regard to my podcast listening habits this year.

I quit a lot (but not all) of my true crime podcasts; the genre got tired real quick. I quit listening to a lot of my digital card collecting podcasts; I’m not playing those games as much. 

I started listening to more from people I know either personally or online and less from so-called “professionals.”

Taking this into account, here are my top 7 podcasts for 2017: 

7. Blah Wars (iTunes)
Jude and John and friends, coworkers, and fans of Star Wars and they started this podcast to discuss all the news that’s been swirling about The Last Jedi. On occasion, they will actually sit down and record MST3K style commentaries of each Star Wars movie that’s been released and it’s a lot of fun. These guys actually found me on Instagram and I started listening as a result. 


6. Banal Leakage (iTunes)
I’ve been listening to Marty’s views on the news since he first started podcasting about three or four years ago. He’s got a great point of view and is a great writer. I just wish he’d record more often. He hit a helluva stride with 45’s election earlier this year that kept up for several months but we haven’t heard from him since May and I miss it. Come back, Marty!!


5. Criminal (iTunes)
Another mainstay in my habit is this biweekly true crime podcast. While I love the fact that the stories change each episode instead of being serialized for an entire season, I have to admit that this is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. I feel like they’re really digging hard to find some topics and the stories suffer as a result. We’ll see how next year fares for this one. 


4. Triviality (iTunes)
The second new addition to my schedule is this pub-style trivia contest featuring four friends and trivia teammates from Chicago. They record two episodes each week with one taking on a variable format and the other being a special single-topic “Lay It On Me” episode. They also bring on special guests to participate in the form of other trivia players and show fans and actively solicit questions from listeners. I love it. BTW, much like Blah Wars, they found me just via Twitter. So glad they did! Occasionally Katie will listen with me especially when it’s a Lay It On Me topic she loves like Parks & Rec, The Office, or Gilmore Girls.


3. Podquiz (iTunes)
The longest active podcast in my schedule dating back 640+ weekly episodes to approximately 2003, I can never get enough of James Carter’s weekly grilling of my brain. This is another podcast to which Katie will actually listen with me. But not just select episodes, we listen to them all together. I love that. 


2. Song Exploder (iTunes)
Moving up the list two places from last year is Hrishikesh Hirway’s dissection of popular music from the point of view of the artist creating it. I’ve discovered more new music listening to this podcast this year than by any other method. And it was really cool to hear not just from smaller and no-names but also from big acts like Metallica and Nine Inch Nails.


1. Lore (iTunes)
This should come as no surprise as I’ve done nothing but rave about Aaron Mahnke’s folkloric gem since I started listening to it nearly two years ago. Oh, and it was also number one last year. So, um, yeah. No surprise at all. However, much like Criminal, the topics this year seem a bit more of a reach than last year. But, unlike Criminal, even if they are a reach, I still listen intently. It will be interesting to see how Mahnke’s new Amazon anthology TV and book series will affect the quality of the podcast. 


What’s been tickling your ear holes lately?


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The podcasts I find myself listening to most frequently are The Basement Yard, Something You Should Know, and True Crime Garage. I find with the true crime podcasts in particular I have to like the podcaster's voice or no matter how interesting the topic is I can't get into it.


I even liked their voices and just couldn’t stick with it.

Marty Mankins

Oh wow... I feel honored to be mentioned, given my lack of new episodes. Much thanks for the kind words.

As for one on the list above that I listen to, Song Exploder is awesome. The Metallica and NIN episodes were great, as were a few others for me like Lorde, Norah Jones and Sleigh Bells.


Will this serve as motivation to get you to record more? Please?

Marty Mankins

Your Please and pleas have been heard. New episode up now

and working on a couple more to finish out the year. Then really trying to be on top of them each week in 2018 (including guests)


I listened this morning! Welcome back, my friend!

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