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This is really getting frustrating. Our iHome plugs now refuse to work with Wink or Echo or lord only knows what else. 

We had some firmware update to the plugs and now nothing is working right at all.


The Wink app is saying that only one of the plugs is online. But when I tried adding the plugs to my phone to see if I could make them work, I was able to add the one that Wink said was offline. Now she controls one room and I control the other.

You’d think it would be as simple as her sharing the iHome app home profile and the app offers that ability but it doesn’t work.

So tomorrow I’m going to force a reset of the other plug while Katie is at work to see if I can get them both in one instance of the app. And then I’m calling iHome support to have them figure out this stupid sharing thing.

If I have to go through this rigmarole every time this happens, I’m done. These plugs are behind furniture because that’s where the outlets that are switch-controlled are located. This just isn’t worth the headache.

I even rebooted our WiFi router... just in case. 

I’m sorry but this is getting infuriating. 


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