Automated 2...


For any of you all who have higher degrees of home automation than I — let’s be honest, that could be anyone — what do you do when your home network goes down?

Last night, for whatever reason, our Amazon Echo couldn’t turn our lights on. I tried the Alexa app to do it semi manually, and it wouldn’t. Somehow Katie got it working. I don’t know what she did but she did it. 


So what if you have more automation in place than just four lamps and a thermostat and the net comes crashing down? Do you have some kind of kill switch in place that makes it all controllable by normal means? 

Clearly this doesn’t affect the thermostat as that has surface controls. But I can’t suddenly use light switches to turn on lights that are off unless I move furniture and unplug the iHome outlets.

Are safety measures in place? You’d think there would have to be, wouldn’t you?

I don’t want to be attacked by an out-of-control Roomba, do you?