Macro Monday 2018.05...


This is why you don’t have dads help their kids with schoolwork.

Last night, Katie was exhausted from work and zonked out even before Nathan went to bed. So I put him to bed. 

After I read him his first story, he sat bolt upright in bed and said, “I have the share bag!”

A little history... a share bag is basically a bag sent home with each kid in class on a rotation. He finds something at home to put in the bag, fills out a sheet of paper with clues for his classmates to guess what it is, and brings it all to school for what amounts to show n’ tell. 

Nathan chose a stuffed purple elephant and he came up with the clues: 1) he has big ears, 2) he has a large trunk, and 3) he likes to eat peanuts. 

We went to bed not thinking much of it. 

This morning, Katie reviewed the share bag clues with Nathan and called me up immediately after. 

“His elephant is a cannibal?” She asked.

“What are you talking about?” I replied.

And she texted me this. 


I was clearly more tired than I realized. 

Cannibal Elephant Rampage!!! Coming to a theater near you. 

I’d watch it.