Macro Monday 2018.03...


For the second year in a row, Katie and I went with my brother and his wife to see a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event here in Chicago. I really can’t explain why but I love it. It’s a ton of fun. 

There were a couple differences from last year to this, though. 

First, our seats were totally different. Last year, we started in seats a section back at the opposite end of the stadium from the chutes and then moved to the VIP area above the gates. This year, we started in the front row at what amounts to stage left right beside the action


...and then moved to the VIP skybox.


We couldn’t do the area above the gates this year because no one under 18 can go there. 

That’s the second change, we took Nathan and his cousin Zoey. 


And they loved it. Which made it even more fun for us. 

I, of course, got some shots of the action. 





I’ve become a full-blown PBR fan. And I’m cool with it because it’s a blast. Especially when this happens...


That’s me showing a video I took of rider Brennon Eldred to the guy himself (far right) while the weekend’s overall champion Davis Cooper watches over our shoulder. Brennon gave me his email address so I could send him a copy. It was a great ride and I’ll share the video with y’all when I’m done editing it.