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I’m not usually one to care about aging. It’s simply a number. True aging is mental and/or physical. Either your psyche goes Old Yeller or your body does. If you can make both skew younger, you’re set, right?

Well, even if you can manage those, there are occasional reminders that, as much as you may fight, legally you are getting old. 

Tonight, Nathan and I ran some errands and we drove by a construction site. The sign said they were building an”Independent Senior Living Facility for Persons Aged 55+.”

Seniors are 55+?

I’m only 12 years away from legally being a senior?

I’m closer in age to senior-dom than I am to my college years. 

Hell, I could have gotten a PhD and still be closer to being Independent Senior Living Facility-eligible than I would be to those years!

I’m... old.