TBT: Suited...


That necessity-based thermostat purchase we had a feeling we’d need to make? It was the tip of the iceberg. 

We thought the reason why our furnace was taking three-hour breaks between flare ups was a busted sensor or broken communication between it and the thermostat. When the furnace turned on, it was great. It just wouldn’t do it. No misfires at all. So we bought our thermostat. We chose a Nest Thermostat E instead of the Ecobee.

I had a technician come out to look anyway.

He found a crack in the heat exchanger. 

The fix? A new furnace. That was basically the only option. By law, he couldn’t even turn our furnace back on. 

So I did some quick research online and with family and coworkers and decided to get the furnace from this company. The price was right and we really couldn’t wait. It’s 0°F outside, at best. We’d freeze to our new king-size bed. 

Oh, and since our air conditioner was the same age as our furnace — 20 years — we had the coil base installed for an a/c upgrade later in the spring when the world thaws outside. 

I took a half day of WFH (work from home) time that became a full day. And spent, er, financed, well, thousands more than I planned but we have heat that can be controlled by our phones. 

So meet the Iron Giant...


And his little friend Hogarth...


When you spend this much, you name ‘em!


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Kevin Spencer

Ugh, sorry to hear. That sucks. Does the Nest make up for it in any tiny tangible way? Silly question I know.


There are rebates on all of it. But, no, not really.

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