Automated 2...

Video: PBR...

Hey, look at that! Not only is it not a post about home automation gone awry but it’s my first video of 2018... and it’s on time... and it’s not about home automation. 

It is, instead, a compilation of videos and photos from the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Chicago Invitational we went to a couple weeks ago. 



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Suzanne Apgar

Very well done, Kevin! You should submit it to PBR!


They’re already tagged on social media and have seen everything else I’ve done in terms of photos. It’s covered.

Marty Mankins

When I saw PBR, I was thinking the cheap ass beer. I like this PBR a lot more. Great job on this video.


Everybody thinks Pabst Blue Ribbon. No worries and thanks.

Marty Mankins

Given how many events have sponsors, it's an easy association. I am learned now in the ways of Professional Bull Riding.


And it’s worth it.

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