Tu(n)esday: RSD18...
TBT: St. Pat...


It started with this simple declaration written on March 14, 1998 and posted the next day once I found a reliable connection:

My vacation request has been approved!!! Just an FYI, I requested to be allowed out of a few days of work here at NIU to go to New Orleans, LA. I'm going down there this May to see my girlfriend's graduation and hang out in my second favorite city!

And, thus, a record keeping of my life was born. 

20 years, 4,223 posts, and 32,297 comments ago. My first comment was from Dave2 on June 23, 2005, and it read:

Strange. We both posted the same subject with the same conclusion on the same day! Funny thing is that I had grabbed the photo off of TVShowsOnDVD days ago to write about it but didn’t have time until yesterday.

Here’s that image, BTW:


As a note, I didn’t have commenting available until 2005.

This blog started as a design project in grad school and was designed using hand coded HTML, posted to GeoCities at /Hollywood/Theatre/2754, stored on a Zip disk, moved to Yahoo, registered at kapgar.com, migrated to Typepad, transferred to Bluehost, and transferred again to Typepad hosting. Quite a history.

20 years of online journaling/blogging. 

I don’t see it ending anytime soon. 

Since it’s a special occasion, leave a comment letting me know how you found me online (unless, of course, you know me IRL in which case you should say so) and I’ll hold a drawing in a couple week’s time and give a prize. 

Oh, and the “girlfriend” mentioned above? Not Katie. Pre-dated  Katie by nine months.