Goals: Feb...

Time to recap my February goal work. You ready? Let’s do this!

1. Blog Play: Nothing. Sorry. 

2. Video Play: Sledding, baby!

3. Music Play: Admittedly this is a band I’ve known for many years. Decades, actually. But, beyond radio hits, I’ve never listened to them. Who? The Grateful Dead with their Cornell 5/8/77 live album. Fantastic performance. I see why people love them so much.


4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is going strong.

5. Book Play: Check it out!



6. Comic Play: The Lando listed above is a graphic novel, so that’s one!

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

I did work on all but one goal this month! Woo! 


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Kevin Spencer

How is the new Andy Weir book?


I don’t like it as much as The Martian but I’m still going. It hasn’t grabbed me as well as that first novel.

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