Last Tuesday, Nathan asked me where the camera was on my iPhone so I showed him. He snapped these. I had no idea until I found them the other day.

This is the only photo I thought he took. 


Apparently he went upstairs and caught Katie on the phone. 


He also figured out the selfie button. 


Kid’s got a future in photography, me thinks. 

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Mar 17
Thanks in no small part to Hrishikesh Hirway’s latest episode of the Song Exploder podcast, I’ve been really digging on Ludwig Göransson’s score for Black Panther. It’s just a beautiful mix of modern orchestral music and traditional African instrumentation masterfully...
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Macro Monday 2018.12...

Mar 19
Last week’s challenge photo was too tough... And this week’s was too easy... Is there no middle ground??


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Suzanne Apgar

The kid's got potential!!



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