Thanks in no small part to Hrishikesh Hirway’s latest episode of the Song Exploder podcast, I’ve been really digging on Ludwig Göransson’s score for Black Panther

It’s just a beautiful mix of modern orchestral music and traditional African instrumentation masterfully blended together to heighten the emotional tension of an already gorgeous film. 

There are a lot more tracks available on Göransson’s YouTube playlist or on Spotify. They are worth the listen. 

And if you haven’t already seen this cinematic juggernaut, what the heck are you waiting for??


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Kevin Spencer

I haven’t seen it. But I do hear it’s “the best one” and better than the first Avengers movie?


I need to see it again to determine if it’s truly better than The Avengers. But it’s certainly up there. Better than the first Captain America? No way.

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