Goals: March...


In this day and age, when corporate profit trumps customer service by those very companies, I love hearing stories about great service.

I have an even greater affinity for when these examples of fantastic customer service happen to me. 

I love it even more when I’m not even seeking service... but it finds me anyway. 

The other day, I happened to be looking at’s website for whatever reason. I really don’t even know why as I’m not currently subscribed to their service. I have been at two different points in the past; most recently three months ago. 

I saw this while perusing some of the proverbial “small print”...


I couldn’t believe it! You can swap audiobooks? 

I figured it had to be for ones you didnt finish otherwise it’s like eating a full meal at a restaurant and only then returning it with a complaint. 

Anyway, if I had known that, I would’ve swapped at least three books back that I couldn’t bring myself to finish because I just didn’t like them. But, not being a customer, I didn’t see it happening. So I just posted what’s above on Twitter and Instagram to let others know. 

Then Audible customer service reached out to me on Twitter. 


So I did. 


And they replied back almost immediately. 


As all the books I wanted to return were at least three years old, I knew that couldn’t happen. But I did finish one the other day that I didn’t like. I even fessed up that I finished it and explained that I would understand if they couldn’t do anything. Despite this... they refunded me with a free book credit!

I seriously was not looking for this to happen. But it did because Audible customer service is awesome. 

Now I just need to figure out what book I want...