Check out what I dug out of obscurity the other day. 


I haven’t used my trusty Sony A350 since November 2013. A family cruise.

My iPhone just became easier to use and carry.

Took an additional day to find a battery charger for it. One camera body, three lenses, eight filters, two bags, three batteries... all found with no problem. A charger, though? Go fig, eh?

I wonder if I’m still capable of shooting like this. I guess we’ll find out. 

Just in case, I think I’ve still got a Dummies guide to this camera somewhere.

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Kevin Spencer

You’ve done pretty much what I did. Since the iPhone 7 took such great shots I found I left the trusty DSLR at home. But I did dust it off at the end of last year and tried to use it more.


Are you still actively trying to use it?

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