Macro Monday 2018.13...

Tu(n)esday: Magnetic...

I gotta admit that when I decided to get back into collecting audio cassettes, it would be easier than it has been to amass my collection. 

Sure, I found my friend Mike’s KISS collection that his mom gave me when he died. I found a dozen of my own tapes in a Case Logic case along with some strays in random attic boxes. I also found a half dozen of Katie’s old tapes. 

But when it comes to acquiring new-to-me tapes? Not so easy.

There’s one good record store nearby and their collection includes about 100 or so used tapes. I picked up Black Crowes and David Lee Roth there. This is the same place I’ll be going for Record Store Day.

Half-Price Books had a half dozen I wanted. I might have to go back and look again. There’s another of this chain nearby I may hit. They have always had a better selection overall.

2nd & Charles doesn’t carry cassettes if they’re not new. That’s where I got copies of The Guardians of the Galaxy, volumes 1&2. Great albums. 

eBay has plenty but the prices are all over the place and I worry about quality. The ones that offer guarantees, as you’d expect, are semi-pricey. The sellers who have big bulk collections cheap all seem pretty beat up. 

Shockingly, Goodwill, which once had more cassettes than you could shake a stick at, apparently doesn’t carry them at all anymore. 

So my “new” acquisitions look like this right now...


Left to right (top row): The Police Synchronicity, The Big Chill soundtrack, Pop Will Eat Itself The Looks or the Lifestyle, Green River Come On Down, and Bryan Adams Reckless

Left to right (bottom row): Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1, The Black Crowes Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, David Lee Roth A Little Ain’t Enough, Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule, and Tina Turner Private Dancer

I want more. I need more. I gotta have more! Because...


I just don’t want to spend a ton.