Macro Monday 2018.11...

Tu(n)esday: RSD18...

Guess what’s happening on Saturday, April 21 that has me completely stoked?


I know, I know. “Kevin, you said you don’t like vinyl! What gives, you hypocrite??”

Well, check this out...


Yeah!! Cassettes on Record Store Day!! Well, this day is a celebration of the stores that carry records, not the records themselves. And record stores carry all kinds of media... including my beloved cassettes!

This year, these are the only cassettes two amongst several hundred vinyl releases but I’ll take them... if I can get them. And what mighty albums they are!



I hope this is the beginning of even greater diversity for RSD.

A friend and I may tackle two different area stores to see if we can divide and conquer. She wants the exclusive album from The Cure that is also coming out. We’ll see who can get them first. No stores know more than a day or two in advance what they’ll be getting, though.

Whatever the case, I want them. And I want them bad.