Macro Monday 2018.15...
Fixer Upper...


Remember what a big deal this was for us?

Yeah, after four-ish months of enduring network outages and failures to remain connected to both our Amazon Echo and the apps on our phones — Alexa, iHome, and Wink — Katie and I returned our iHome “smart” plugs.

We are de-automating. 

This isn’t necessarily a permanent thing. But we will certainly be doing a helluva lot more research before we invest in anything down the line. Both for value and compatibility. I refuse to go broke over something this unnecessary. Cool, sure, but wholly unnecessary. 

Until then, I suppose we’ll have to turn the lights on and off using a light switch on the wall like mere *GULP* savages!




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Sorry to hear it didn't work out. I have not heard great things about Apple's Homekit unfortunately.

We bought a Securifi Almond 3 at least a year ago to serve as a wifi extender for upstairs. As an added bonus, it's also compatible with zigbee devices so we then purchased door and window sensors which connect through it and essentially built our own security system. We recently connected the Securifi Peanut smart plug to it as well. Our main light is programmed to turn on and off plus we can do it remotely. We also set up a rule that if the security system is tripped the light will automatically turn on. Between that, the siren, and the dog I don't think an intruder would want to stick around. Lol


Yeah, HomeKit is getting thoroughly trashed. Dang, you have a lot set up.

Marty Mankins

Well, sometimes you have to test the waters to see how well some of these products work. If you ask Dave2, Apple's HomeKit is garbage.

I've been looking at the Philips HUE system, which you can control from Echo or Google Home. Once I get comfortable, I will be blogging about my efforts on adding it to our home.


Please let me know!

Kevin Spencer

I’ve mostly been all a bit “meh” when it comes to "internet of things”. Not only from a security and privacy standpoint but on a solves a problem we don’t have angle. I think becuase we literally have to walk past the light switches, being able to turn the lights on by voice or phone not really essential.


No, it really isn’t necessary. Technology creating a solution to a problem we don’t have. And, as in this case, just creating more problems.

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