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Fixer Upper...

Katie and I had a little bit of home reno fun this past Sunday. We redid Nathan’s room. Technically this is about the third or even fourth time we’ve redone this room in the last six years. Whatevs.

Here’s what it was...




Here’s what it has become...


His bed now comes out of the closet and his shelves are covered in Christmas lights and little decorative balls. We also hung the street sign they gave me when I “retired” from the City. His big dresser is at the foot of his bed and that’s a bookshelf to the right.


We bought a 1x4 cube set and put it under his window opposite his bed. Next to that is his nightstand. The chair is in the same place.


All his trains and trucks have been removed from the two floating shelves on the wall by his bed. It’s all been replaced with framed comic books and some Funko POPs. Cool. 


It looks pretty cool lit with room lights off. Katie noticed that when they lay in bed and look up, all they see is stuffed animal butts. She said she hopes they don’t fart. Nathan hoped they don’t poop. Hysterical laughter ensued. 

Here’s to poop-free fun in his new bedroom.


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Marty Mankins

That is an awesome renovation of his bedroom. I like the lights as well as the framed comic books. And that street sign is great.


I like that we allowed him to make decisions. He chose the position of furniture and the comics in the frames and several other things as well.

Kevin Spencer

His room is amazing. Looks so cool with the main lights off. Well done indeed.


Thank you! He likes it, too.

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