Macro Monday 2018.18...

Goals: April...

April is over already?? What the ever-loving heck??

1. Blog Play: Zilch. 

2. Video Play: I’ve got one started but haven’t finished it yet. Dammit! I don’t like falling behind on videos.

3. Music Play: My buddy Harley posted a photo this past weekend where he got to meet former Saigon Kick guitarist and backing vocalist Jason Bieler backstage after a show. So I checked out his latest solo album Where Dreams Go to Die. It’s pretty good. Good enough that I’ll give it more listens.


4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is still going.

5. Book Play: I finished another four books last month!


Here’s what I read/finished in April:


Here’s what I’m currently reading:


6. Comic Play: Three more graphic novels this month! I call that a win. 

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

I really need to start the blog work and get back on track with my videos. Yikes!!


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Kevin Spencer

4 books. In a single month? I’m struggling to do 4 books in a single year at this rate. I’m on book 3 of 2018 and it’s May.


In all fairness, you have to consider that a number of these are graphic novels. Five are so-called “word books.”

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