Macro Monday 2018.14...

Goals: March...

Happy Easter! And Happy April Fools’ Day! And... I’m sure there’s something else going on, too. I’m just too lazy to figure it out. Instead, let’s celebrate another month of personal goal achievement, shall we? 

1. Blog Play: Still nothing. Sorry. 

2. Video Play: Smoke Monster!!!!

3. Music Play: Anyone who has been reading my blog or following me on social media for any length of time likely knows I have a strong affinity for bands with solid female vocalists. A recent episode of the Triviality podcast introduced me to Chicago punk band Turnspit, their vocalist Gillian McGhee, and their latest album Desire Paths. Oh I like it. A lot! This fires on all cylinders for me. 


4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is going strong.

5. Book Play: Here’s my overall progress for the year:


Here’s what I read/finished in March:


Here’s what I’m currently reading:


6. Comic Play: The two Vaders, Starfire, and The Walking Dead are all graphic novels. I did alter my list to remove three I had added to this goal that just didn’t hold my interest at all. But I did add others to take their place, so it’s all good.

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

Two straight months of work on all but one goal! I’d buy that for a dollar!


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