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As happens any time there are re-casting rumors for the role of James Bond, the world has its collective panties in a twist. 

Nobody can get past the idea that anyone other than Sean Connery can play the role. Roger Moore was too corny, Timothy Dalton too boring, Pierce Brosnan too pretty, Daniel Craig too blond and too young (never understood either of those arguments). 

Right now, Craig is on board for another Bond. With the ever-looming threat that the next film will be his last, every in-between moment seems to be spent Vegas casting the next 007.

Cast Different

I’ve argued in favor of Idris Elba and will continue to do so until it either happens or the man is dead, at which time I’ll argue for him to play the role from beyond the grave (he’d still be better than 95% of “actors” out there).


[image courtesy of Consequence of Sound]

But, of course, the lunatic fringe can’t get over him being black. God forbid. 

Another one being mentioned lately is Emily Blunt


[image courtesy of MovieWeb]

Woah, I’d never even thought of her before but I like it!!

And, just like with Elba’s race, Blunt’s gender is ticking off self-professed Bond “purists.”

Think Different

To the haters, er, “purists,” I’d like to suggest a different way of thinking of the role; something I read a year or two ago. James Bond, or 007, is not a person, it’s an honorific, a title, something earned. There is no such person. He’s a figment of MI-6’s ranking system. Once Peter O’Hara rises through the ranks from lowly analyst to elite agent, his identity is wiped. No longer does Peter O’Hara exist. He’s James Bond. Double-Oh-Seven himself. 

The great thing about thinking this way is this means anyone can be Bond. Double-Oh-Seven himself... or herself... or them self... White, black, Asian, Middle Eastern, male, female, young, old... blonde. I think the only limitation would be MI-6’s actual hiring and promotion practices. 

Be Different

It’s time for the Broccoli trust to just be different and hire someone that some might (sadly) consider a bit more “off the rails” than their standard white male. Shake it up a bit (don’t stir)! 

Elba or Blunt for Bond 26!!


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Kevin Spencer

They say your Bond is who you grew up with. Even though his movies haven't held up all that well, my Bond will always be Roger Moore. I liked Dalton a lot. And think Craig nailed it. Elba a fine choice. Tom Hiddleston also.

But yeah, if they really want to change it up I'd be down for a female lead. Emily Blunt a great choice.


I grew up with Moore and then Dalton, too. Enjoyed Moore. Loved Dalton. Just felt truer to Fleming’s source material. I couldn’t stand Brosnan. Craig is good but a couple of those films are convoluted messes. But my favorite is still Lazenby. That one was so good. I agree that Hiddleston could be good as well.

Marty Mankins

I'm with you... either Emily Blunt (who my wife has a crush on, actress wise) or Idris Elba.

As with KevinAZ, Roger Moore was my Bond. "A View To A Kill" is still one of my all time favorites for a Bond movie.


Between Moore and Connery, I prefer Moore. He was Bond for me growing up.

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