Macro Monday 2018.16...

Hey, sorry for the delay on this post. Typepad had scheduled maintenance last night and I couldn’t get a post written. So this is gonna be backdated. Anyway...


Since posting this image to social media, one person has corrrectly guessed it. But I’m not gonna say who, nor will I say where it was guessed. 


Answer in a week!

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Apr 15
If you follow my Instagram account, you may have seen this... Basically, my Fitbit has been showing pixel burnout across the screen. In the above photo, it’s just a few rows. Several more have shown up in the last week....
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Apr 17
It blows my mind that you can spend a thousand or more dollars on a way cool laptop like the one I have for work and, despite this already excessive cost, buying a brand new power adapter for it still...


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LOL. So I didn't get it even after you posted the answer. Thought it was an olive oil pourer!


Did you guess that somewhere I could see? Olive oil pourer is actually more accurate as that is attached to a bottle of olive oil. I called it alcohol thinking more people would be familiar with its use in a bar.

Marty Mankins

I'm still bummed that I didn't get this one. But I did on the the most recent.


I love that people still play.

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