Macro Monday 2018.17...

I get pretty excited when someone who has never correctly guessed a Macro Monday challenge photo finally gets one. It’s pretty darn cool. 

This week was one such first-time winner when my coworker and social media junkie, Sarah, nailed it. 


I wonder who will get this one?


Will it be you?

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Apr 22
With all the acquisition and splitting apart discussions regarding Yahoo of late, my photographer friends and I that have or still are users of Flickr have been wondering what will happen to our beloved photo storage/sharing app. The answer came...
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Apr 24
I HATE CARS! I HATE CARS!! I HATE CARS!!! More to come, I swear. Once I’ve processed it all and know more details. Stay tuned. I don’t know know if this is legit but it made me laugh.


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Looks a little like a tennis ball, though the color is a bit too washed out, I think.

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