Macro Monday 2018.17...


With all the acquisition and splitting apart discussions regarding Yahoo of late, my photographer friends and I that have or still are users of Flickr have been wondering what will happen to our beloved photo storage/sharing app. 

The answer came today in the form of an email announcing that SmugMug is buying them from Yahoo or whoever possesses them currently. 


I know nothing about SmugMug. Never even heard of it until today. But it has some pretty rave reviews online. And it’s also apparently been around at least a decade, which is a good sign. 

I’m just upset that they do not have a free option like Flickr has always had. I’ve been on the free option for several years now since I realized I wasn’t using the service as much as I did. Mostly because I’m mostly mobile and Flickr’s mobile offerings sucked. So I stopped paying for it. But my account still exists and I do grab photos or embeds from it for blog posts. 

I do have the option to download my photos from Flickr before the end of May at which time all my content will move to SmugMug. I don’t know if I’ll be able to, though, because I lost password access a while ago and neither Yahoo nor Flickr have been able to help because neither respond to customer service requests. 


I might have to at least try it. See if it can serve as a viable backup for photo storage. 

If you’re a Flickrer, what are you planning?