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I am going to make a bold declaration right now. It is one that many may not agree with and may curse me for saying. But it's how I feel and nothing you can say will change it.

I hate cars.

They are overpriced. They cost too much to maintain. They cost too much to run. They're needlessly complex and only getting worse.

Allow me to justify.

Overpriced? Duh. I don't think I need to say anything else on this topic. They are a utility and should be priced as such. Anyone buying into hugely overpriced cars in order to make them a status symbol is a part of the problem. You enable carmakers to charge what they do. 'Nuff said.

Maintenance costs? Waaayyyyyyy too high. And cars are becoming so much more specialized that you see third-party mechanics having to exempt themselves from doing work on certain cars. And third-party, as far as I'm concerned, are often better than the mechanics at a car dealership because this is their livelihood and they have to prove themselves. Dealer service centers have a guaranteed customer base due to warranties. They don't care.

Running costs? Look at the cost variability of gasoline and how, despite alternative fuel sources having been available for decades now, it is still such a market dominator. I know that there is no one single gas company that could constitute a monopoly. They're too careful for that. But if you could look at the gasoline industry itself, then they certainly have a monopoly and should be investigated as such. But it will never happen because big oil lines the pockets of all politicians, regardless of party affiliation. Speaking of investigation, if any other item in the free market changed price as radically and quickly as fuel does, it would be investigated. But, again, big oil will never be.

Complexity? My dad used to tell me stories of the first cars he owned and how he used to be able to climb inside the engine compartment and make a lot of fixes himself. He felt comfortable doing just about anything. Just look at how simple that is! Even I'd be willing to take a stab at working on that.

Muscle car engine

Now? I don't even think my dad opens the hood of his car. Sure it has a little to do with age. I mean we all hit a point where scooting underneath a vehicle to do an oil change is not feasible. But I think even if he was his younger self with today's cars, he wouldn't bother. I can't blame him for that one bit. They're ridiculous under the hood. Too much crap in there supposedly in the name of safety, environmentalism, convenience, automation, etc. Blah blah.

We’re at a point where we even have to worry about cars being hacked. And in the case of many cars, we can’t even do the firmware/security updates ourselves. We have to wait for recall notices.

It's all a scam as far as I'm concerned.