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TBT: Maggie...

Nathan was always kinda odd when it came to stuffed animals. For the first nearly four years of his life, he didn’t care.

Then, at the beginning of his first year of preschool, he became semi attached to a green stuffed dinosaur he named Spike. He carried him around a little here and there but nothing truly committal. 

However, in March of last year, his preschool had a teddy bear day. So we dug out a Ty teddy bear that Katie bought for him before he was born for him to take to school. This bear was nothing he’d ever show any interest in, but he needed one. 

Something happened that day at school because this bear had a name when he got home. Maggie. And from that day forward, she has never left his side except when he goes to school or daycare where he’s not allowed to take outside toys. 

He sleeps with her. She goes everywhere in our car. She’s waiting in our car when we pick him up from daycare or school. She goes to meals. She sees movies. She’s always there during shopping trips. And even when he’s half asleep trudging to our room in the early morning hours, she’s clasped in his hand. 

Hence this Throwback Thursday to show how Maggie looked then and does now. 


Amazing the the difference a little love makes.