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At work, we have a committee that I’m on called Thrive. It’s dedicated to providing information on and creating events that promote health and wellness, not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

I recently posed a question to committee members on how they deal with stress in their lives. One co-worker mentioned that when he got a new smartphone recently, he opted to not turn on notifications for just about anything on it other than phone calls, text messages, Slack (for work), and Outlook. Another co-worker mentioned that she has deleted all social media apps from her phone. 

I’m going to be honest with you, this sounds like heaven. 

I think I’m going to try a little experiment… I’m going to shut off as many notification channels as I can for the rest of May. I’m also going to delete pretty much all social media apps. No Facebook, Messenger, Vero (which was pretty much on its way out anyway), LinkedIn (not looking for a job anyway), and Snapchat (no big loss there). The tough ones will be Swarm and Twitter, but my use of those has been inconsistent at best. 

The exceptions are work related apps, obviously, and stuff like Untappd, Goodreads, and Fitbit that I use to keep track of what I drink, read, and how I exercise, respectively, moreso than for the social aspect of it all. 

I will also keep using Instagram, but without really checking my feed. I still love photography and sharing pictures I take. Also, people still like their #nathanchronicles and I don’t want to deny them that.

Of course I’ll also keep blogging daily. It’s my hobby and there really aren’t enough comments flying around here to truly classify it as “social.”

You may still see activity in some accounts due to how things are so interconnected on the web. Oh, and Katie and I share a Facebook account. 

I’m curious how well I’ll do. 

Anyone wanna join me?



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Kazza the Blank One

I also use untappd and foursquare (I somehow avoided being forced to use swarm) for my own records rather than the social aspect.

I typically check email/twitter/instagram two or three times a day. I do have notifications for twitter and instagram but get so little there it's not a big distraction.


It’s just time to break my checking cycle on social media. I could do it all day long and that’s not right. If I didn’t love photography so much, I’d nix Instagram too.

Kevin Spencer

The only notification I have on my phone is Slack because of work. I check other things when I check them. No particular rhyme or reason when. The only one I check more regularly than others is my Flickr feed because like you, I’m a sucker for a good photo. Twitter is an weird one. I can be active one day and post a few things and keep up with my timeline. Then I won’t look at it for two days straight.


I’m the exact same way with Twitter lately. I go in a binge, then a purge, lather, rinse, repeat.

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