Macro Monday 2018.22...


Sometimes our HO association surprises us with the things they do. Sure, these are things that should be done but, when they’re not done regularly, you become pleasantly surprised when they are. 

Now I’m starting to wonder is this is part of some underachieving master plan. Hmmm...

I digress. 

We received notification that a new roofing program was starting this year. We’re not on the slate for this year but we read it anyway to learn what’s up. 

Turns out they are going to remove all satellite dishes from rooftops and not re-install them. I wouldn’t trust them to do that anyway. But they’ve also decreed that dishes cannot under any circumstance be re-installed on roofs. 


I suppose we can try to find a new place to put it. But that would likely be a post in the backyard given the odds they’d allow placement on siding or trim are slim to none. A yard post makes me a bit wary. Too easy to be damaged by stupid lawn crew peeps. 

So that leaves us looking for a new solution.

I don’t want to return to Xfinity. Great internet but their prices and customer service suck donkeys.

I don’t want Uverse. But I’m hesitant to leave the AT&T umbrella (they own DirecTV) because having a video plan with them gives us unlimited data on our iPhones for life. 


Why is adulting so damn tough??