TBT: Active...

Got a pair of Throwback Thursdays for you this week! 

First up, in celebration of the fact that our park district pool is opening for the season this weekend, here’s an early shot of Nathan at the pool.


Dated July 19, 2014, it’s not the earliest shot of him at a pool. That came a year earlier. But I can’t find it. Must be on Katie’s phone somewhere. 

The second TBT is in celebration of the fact that Katie signed Nathan up for his first organized sports activity today. For six weeks starting in June, he’ll be playing park district teeball and he was soooo excited when she told him. So here’s this shot of him with my old softball bat. This one is from April 20, 2014.


I really hope he likes teeball. We’re also considering soccer. He likes kicking things. What kid doesn’t?