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Photo Interlude...

Been collecting a few photos on my phone I’ve been wanting to share. 


An abandoned wheelbarrow near our house.


A bowl of pho at a Vietnamese restaurant near my work.


The view from the Centennial Ferris Wheel.


A tree I love in downtown Geneva, IL.


A lily in our backyard.

Translation: I’ve got nothing else to post about. Sorry. 


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Kevin Spencer

Nothing wrong with a photo post. I love the wheelbarrow shot! I keep forgetting you post things in Instagram as I don’t have an account there. I’ve bookmarked it and will check it “the old fashioned way” i.e page refresh every day or so :-)


I wonder if there’s an RSS feed you can subscribe to.

Marty Mankins

That view from the Ferris wheel is cool, even if my fear of heights kicks in just looking at that photo.


I’m with ya, brother.

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