“I’ll make ya famous!”
— Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez), Young Guns II, 1990

It’s good to see Billy finally followed through on his promise to me nearly 30 years ago. At least I think it was to me. He was looking at me when he said it.

Anyway, my fame came today in the form of a Google Doodle marking the 109th birthday of my ancestor, Dr. Virginia Apgar, the creator of the Apgar Score for babies. 


Pretty cool, eh? 

Yes, we are related. It’s very tangential. But it is recorded on a very large family tree somewhere in central New Jersey. One of those “same name, no fame” relatives if you get my meaning. 

Okay, so maybe Billy still owes me. 



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Kazza the Blank One

Oh wow! I knew about your name and that score, but what are the chances of you being related?! Very cool :)


Well Apgar isn’t that common a name outside Germany and New Jersey so maybe better odds than normal?

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