La crux...


It’s so utterly pointless to go into Netflix with no idea what you want to watch. You don’t even need a specific movie or TV show in mind. Not even having a genre in mind can bite you in the butt.

Tonight, Katie and I had no idea what we wanted to watch. We flipped on Netflix and nothing in our Saved List or Watch Again lost appealed to both of us.

So we browsed. And browsed. And browsed. And... you get it.

After 15-20 minutes, we gave up and I fired up Thor: Ragnarok.


Five minutes later, I turned it off because the buffering was so bad that the film paused every few seconds. we made it through the first four minutes and that was it. 

All that browsing for nothing. 

So we threw in our old Psych DVDs. I’ll take it. 


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Kazza the Blank One

Ha! That happens to us too!
Although we only get a fraction of the titles you guys do..


I miss video stores.

Kevin Spencer

And speaking of things I haven’t seen yet, Thor: Ragnarok. Good lord Spencer.


Deader still. 

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