TBT: Naper Days...


I swear my kiddo kills me on a daily basis. And I don't mean literally, of course. He's just funny. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes not so much. Here are a couple gems from today...

Instance #1

Nathan: "Daddy, I'm playing with Cyborg as a bad guy."

Me: "But Cyborg is a good guy!"


Me: "Can't you pretend that, say, Batman is a bad guy?"

Nathan: "No."

If you could have heard how solemn his voice was when he said "no," you would've laughed as hard as I did.


Instance #2

As a note, Nathan took along his 14" Stormtrooper figure to show his daycare provider, Missy. It's his daily show and tell.

Me: "Hey Nathan, do you still have the Stormtrooper's rifle?"

Nathan: "Yup, it's right here."

Me: "Good, I just want to make sure you didn't drop it."

Nathan: "Oh wait! Missy has a sign. I can't take his gun!"

So he took the rifle out of the Stormtrooper's hand, put it on his toy shelf, and walked out to the car. He was, of course, referring to those "No Guns Allowed" signs that businesses have been forced to put in their windows since Illinois is a concealed carry state. 

He’s one smart cookie. 


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