TBT: iP4...

Here’s an interesting pair of Throwback Thursday photos for you from the iPhone 4 launch at the Apple Store - Main Place (Naperville) on June 24, 2010. 

This first shot shows the line going down the street.


As I recall, it even wrapped up the next street. And this was four hours after the store opened. 

I really like this one because it was customer service at a high point. 


The Apple Store bought pizza for people waiting in line. How cool was that?

These shots were taken with my Sony Alpha A350 D-SLR. Why? Because these were taken before I had my first iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 4 would become my first iPhone. But not for another two months. The end of August as I recall. 


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Marty Mankins

Nice throwback to the iPhone 4 launch. My first iPhone launch was the 3GS, but I wouldn't get the phone for a good 6 months later. Even when I went to day 1 launch for iPhone 6S Plus, I couldn't get one for almost 1 month later.


It’s not even worth trying. Too many diehards.

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