At some point in time in the past, I marveled on my blog about the fickle and inexplicable nature of how people respond to posts on the web. They like what you don’t expect them to, and have zero reaction to things you think are well done or important or topical.

This fickle nature has not changed one iota. 

For example, I’ve been posting photos online for years. I’ve taken many very well composed and thought out photos and they’ve done little to nothing. On the flip side, I’ve taken throwaway photos for kicks and had them take off. 

But nothing like one I took yesterday. 

I was impressed that People magazine dedicated their entire cover this past week to the suicide deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Aside from their two photos, a brief teaser slug, and the magazine’s logo, the only thing present was the toll-free number for the National suicide Prevention Hotline. 

I liked this and took a quick, poorly composed photo of the cover and posted it to Instagram. 


I’m still getting likes today. As I type this post, in fact. Nearly  150 now. That may not seem a high number to Insta-stars, but for me? Huge. And I cannot explain why. 

WWW = Weird Wild Web, indeed.

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Kevin Spencer

Congrats on all the fave/star/likes. Bourdain and Spade certainly resonated with a lot of people.


I’m kinda weirded out by it. Coulda been something less final and dark. Yanno?

Marty Mankins

As of today (July 13th) that IG post now has 263 likes.


I know. It still gets likes. Crazy.

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