Macro Monday 2018.27...


It only took me seven months to read.

I survived It.

It was a 45-hour long audiobook.

I loved every minute of It.

It made me laugh... cry... cringe... hope... desire... sick.

I ran the emotional gamut with It.

It has made me believe in Stephen King again.

Now I want to re-read It.


But I need an emotional recharge first. Damn that was intense.


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Kevin Spencer

While I haven’t kept up on his later work, for me, this is the best book he ever wrote.


I may give his newer stuff another shot. It was what turned me off his books, though. His old stuff holds up really well, though.

Marty Mankins

It's a great book. I don't recall the last time I read it... at least 10 years ago, if not longer. And 7 months isn't that long, so no judging from me here.


You should read it again.

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