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How many of you remember oh-so-many years ago when I ran a pre-Goodreads book review site called Fun With Dead Trees? Probably not too many, I would think. 

Anyway, I was tooling around googling "FunWithDeadTrees" because, well, just 'cause, and I found that a pull quote from one of my FWDT reviews (12 down) was used on a website for the book The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.27.25 PM

I was flattered! And completely unaware. I wrote this review something like 10 years ago. I only wish I hadn't used "finally" twice in the same sentence. So much for what I was saying about proofreading.

This was from way back when my reviews really had some substance to them. These days, the vast majority of my book reviews focus less on the plot and more on my overall feeling about a book. The reason for this is because Goodreads already has the plot exhaustively detailed on all the books they feature so why beat a dead horse?

But I'm going to start again. Try to be a bit more thorough with my book reviews, that is. Books and comics are, after all, the one type of review I feel comfortable writing. I like reviewing movies and TV to a lesser degree. Music, food, and drink? Nope. I'm terrible at those. 


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