This past Monday, I finally started doing something that I’ve known for a while needed to begin again. I started going for early morning walks with the intent of transitioning slowly into running. 

I wasn’t sure how my first morning would go. 5:15 wake up. Gauging distance so I don’t keep it going too late. Shower and get ready for work. Take Nathan to my parents’ house. Plus I had to figure in how I’d feel after my first cardio workout after months away.

It went great, really. I felt amazing after my 3.25 mile walk and I was energized the whole day. Woo!

That wasn’t the case on days 2-4. I hurt. Bad. But I pushed through. And increased my distance each day. I made my step goal every day this week and Friday finally returned some peace to my body. 

I don’t think I’ll do a five-day blitz like that again. It was pretty brutal but I really just needed to do it. I will keep up with the walks and, eventually, runs, though.

But a great side effect of it all was some fantastic sunrise and early morning photography. 







I just need to keep this up.