TBT: Undecked...

I had completely forgotten about this photo. We were in Arlington Heights in 2010 shopping for something or other when I noticed a shattered and abandoned skateboard on the sidewalk. 

I got down pretty low with my iPhone 4 to capture this. 


I’m really quite proud of how it turned out. A cool low-angle close up with disappearing horizon lines

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Jul 11
Sorry, Apu. I meant to say "Slurpee." As in Free Slurpees! Why? It's 7-Eleven Day, y'all!!! Few finer holidays exist in this world! Go. Now. Do not collect $200 because you won't need it! FREE!!!
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Jul 13
I realized something the other day. I already knew it, but it just didn’t click, as it were. I’m done driving Nathan to school and picking him up afterward. And, in another five weeks, I no longer have to drive...


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Kevin Spencer

Awesome snake's eye view shot.


Thanks! I know you appreciate those.

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