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I get that technology dates itself and new stuff can’t keep working with all instances of old stuff. But it still sucks sometimes. 

Take, for example, an audiobook I have that was very legally obtained. It is not an Audible file. In fact, it is 153 MP3 files. To listen to it, I use iTunes on my work laptop since that was where I downloaded it. I’m pretty sure I cannot play directly off my iPhone as they are locked against downloading MP3s in an immediately usable format. You have to sync via iTunes, which I just don’t do anymore. Been years, in fact.

I tired of this listening situation quite quickly. Not enough flexibility. I cannot go for walks or listen in my car.

So I took the files off my work computer and transferred them to my home computer. The reason for this is my work laptop has a totally different Apple ID than my personal laptop and iPhone. I figured they wouldn’t talk. Seemed a reasonable assumption, right?

Then I tried to sync my iPhone to my personal laptop. I kept getting hit with error after error. They couldn’t talk. Oh, and my personal laptop version of iTunes couldn’t connect to the Apple Store at all. Kept telling me my password wouldn’t work. I know it works. I used it yesterday to download an app. 


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My current theory is that my iPhone 7+ is not compatible with my now nine-year-old MacBook. My iPhone is running the latest iOS. The MB is running Snow Leopard, which cannot be good, right? Is it possible for them to not be compatible for this reason?

I decided to play against the odds and sync my iPhone to my work laptop’s instance of iTunes. I set it to only sync music and... it worked! The files are on my iPhone despite both devices having different Apple IDs. 

That doesn’t seem like it should work, but it did. So I’m happy. And now I can listen to my audiobook on the go!

This is a good thing because I’m going for a walk tomorrow morning. I need accompaniment. 


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